State Data Centers (SDC's)

There has been a long-felt need for a common infrastructure for supporting the development and deployment of e-governance applications in states. State Data Centers (SDC) are needed for:-

  ·   Creating a  shared secure resource for consolidation of  Data, Services, Applications &    Infrastructure at the State/UT level    to    enable   electronic delivery   of   G2G,   G2C   &   G2B  services.

  ·      Ensuring   better  Operations, Standardization of Systems & management control.

 ·    Aggregation of IT Infrastructure (Hardware, Storage, Networking and Software) and Management Resources leading to reduced costs of creating common Infrastructure and faster deployment.

  ·       Optimal Utilization by sharing of IT Infrastructure Resources to meet individual peak loads.


Overview of State Data Center pdf 157.95 kb
It enables various State departments to host their services/applications on a common infrastructure leading to ease of integration and efficient management, ensuring that computing resources and the support connectivity infrastructure (SWAN/NICNET) is ade
Keywords : State Data Center, NeGP, NIC, Support infrastructure, DIT, Security, interoperability, SP Singh
Posted : 18th August, 2009
Guidelines for Establishment of State Data Center pdf 76.32 kb
State Data Center(SDC) has been identified as one of the important elements of the core infrastructure for supporting e-Governance initiatives of NeGP. Under NeGP, it is proposed to create SDCs for the States to consolidate services, applications and infr
Keywords : State Data Center (SDC), Core Connectivity infrastructure, NIC, Internet Data Centers, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan, Security audit
Posted : 16th June, 2009
Best Practices and Guidelines to Physical Security of the SDCs pdf 75.41 kb
The Data Center should ideally be built in a central location within the building complex. An approximate area of 4000 sq.ft would be required for the Data Center. An ideal location for Data Center would be the first floor. It should never be built in the
Keywords : Physical security of Data Center, State Data Center, Microprocessor Controller Panel, Video Surveillance, Biometric authentication
Posted : 16th June, 2009
Guidelines on Data Security, Privacy, Confidentiality and Protection pdf 58.93 kb
To ensure that security is implemented and maintained within the State Data Center, a security policy would be developed and enforced. The security policy shall include the overall security goals, security standards including auditing and monitoring strat
Keywords : State Data Center, data security, data privacy, data confidentiality, data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity plan, security audit
Posted : 16th June, 2009
Computing Environment Requirements of a State Data Center pdf 40.10 kb
Computing environment requirements of a State Data Center broadly consider Server management, Database management, Help desk, Web management, Anti-virus, Host server security, Identification, Authentication and authorization, Firewall services, Backup, St
Keywords : State data center, Computing environment requirement, Security audit, database management, backup, Storage resource management
Posted : 16th June, 2009
Typical Profiles of the employees of a State Data Center pdf 19.99 kb
The State Data Center consists of Data Center Manager who is responsible for overall management of the Data Center, user SLA commitments, performance. In addition, there is Database Administrator(1), System Administrator(1), Network support staff(2), Tec
Keywords : State Data Center, Data Center Manager, Data center administration, database administrator, network support, Help desk service
Posted : 16th June, 2009