Central Mission Mode ProjectNISG

MCA 21

MCA21 is envisioned to provide anytime and anywhere services to businesses by Ministry of Company Affairs. It is a pioneering program being the first mission mode e-governance project being undertaken in the country. This program builds on the GoI vision to introduce a Service Oriented Approach in the design and delivery of Government services, establish a healthy business ecosystem and make the country globally competitive.

The project covers all major transactions, barring those concerning liquidation of companies. The services currently provided include

•·     registration and incorporation of new companies;

•·     filing of annual returns/balance sheets/forms denoting change of            
         names/address/director's details;

•·     registration, modification and verification of charges;

•·     inspection of public documents;

•·     applications for various statutory services offered by the ministry;

•·     issue of certified copies, and redressal of investor grievances.

The portal enables electronic filing of documents. A Data Centre established in Delhi serves as a secure electronic registry for storage and retrieval of records. A Disaster Recovery Centre in Chennai provides the back-up for the electronic registry.