State Mission Mode Projects

Employment Exchange


Ministry of Labour & Employment is in the process of conceptualising this MMP. It is visualised that the MMP will help match the requirements of employers and potential employees. Through the employment exchange portal, according to the requirement of employers quick lists of candidates and call letters can be generated. It will also provide valuable guidance to the unemployed and can facilitate online registration of vacancies by employers. Computerized counselling is also likely to be made available to unemployed youth




Highlights of Employment Exchanges Mission Mode Project pdf 48.94 kb
The main objective of the project is to collect and disseminate information on employment and training, to job seekers and employers in organized and unorganized sector so as to ensure a proper balance between the demand and supply of workforce.
Keywords : Employment Exchange, State Mission Mode Project, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Directorate General Employment & Training (DGE&T), G2C
Posted : 18th August, 2009