State Mission Mode Project 


The National Mission Mode Project (NMMP) for Municipalities is one of the Mission Mode Projects that has significant citizen interaction, since municipalities provide a large number of basic services for millions of citizen living in India's urban centre. It is envisaged that MMP for municipalities would provide a major fillip to the Government of India's Ministry of Urban Development's urban reform agenda. The vision for the National Mission Mode Project for e-Governance in Municipalities is to leverage the ICT opportunities for sustained improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of delivery of municipal service to citizens. The Key Objectives of the MMP include

  • Provide Single Window services to citizens on any time , any where basis
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of ULBS
  • Develop a single and integrated view of ULB information system across all ULBs in the state
  • Provide timely & reliable management information relating to municipal administration for effective decision making
  • Adopt a standards-based approach to enable integration with other related applications

The overall structure for the NMMP scheme has been divided into three tiers i.e. Centre, State and Urban Local Body (ULB) level. MMP, in its current form, envisages covering all ULBs in class 1 cities ( 423 in total) during the period 2006-07 to 2010-11.

In order to achieve its vision and objectives, NMMP envisages implementation of various application modules covering the following services/management functions within ULBs:

  • Registration and issue of birth and death certificate
  • Payment of property tax, Utility Bills and Management of Utilities that come under ULBs
    • Property Tax
    • Water Supply and other Utilities
  • Grievances and suggestions
  • Building plan approvals
  • Procurement and monitoring of projects
    • E-procurement
    • Project/ward works
  • Heath program
    • Licenses
    • Solid Waste Management
  • Accounting system
  • Personnel Information System.
  • Grievances Handling, including implementation of the elements of the Right To Information Act, Acknowledgement, Resolution monitoring


Implementation of eGovernance in ULBs under JNNURM pdf 90.54 kb
The priorities under JNNURM include urban planning including town planning, regulation of land use and construction of buildings, planning for economic and social development, roads and bridges, water supply for domestic, industrial and commercial purpose
Keywords : JNNURM, ULB, Urban poverty alleviation, slum improvement, MMP, Municipal e-Governance Design Document, MoUD, Rakesh Malik
Posted : 17th August, 2009
JNNURM- an e-Governance in Municipalities pdf 80.46 kb
JNNURM envisages covering all Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in 35 cities with population of above 10 lakh as per 2001 census. The list of cities/urban agglomerations to be covered under NMMP on e- Governance is appendix.
Keywords : JNNURM, State MMP, Ministry of Urban Development, Urban Local Bodies, ULB, Municipalities, Ramesh
Posted : 28th July, 2009