Integrated Mission Mode Project

e- Procurement

This MMP is being implemented to ensure that government procurement becomes simplified, transparent and result-oriented. It is being implemented through and in DGS&D, a central purchasing organisation under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, having core competency in procurement of goods and services and involves computerisation of DGS&D.

The objectives of the MMP are:

  • To establish a one stop-shop providing all services related to government procurement
  • To reduce cycle time and cost of procurement
  • To enhance transparency in government procurement
  • To enhance efficiency of procurement
  • To bring about procurement reform across the government

In DGS&D, out of 350 items, 200 items are currently covered by e procurement system. It has also implemented a system for single cheque to be issued to the bank along with information on the suppliers' accounts, which was used, by the bank to automatically credit the suppliers with their dues. It is envisaged that by end 2006, all procurements made by DGS&D will be made electronic.


e-GP MMP Implementation pdf 6.32 mb
The benefits envisaged under eGP include creation of transparent system that encourages bidder participation, savings of 5-8% of procurement value over a period of time. In India, with a procurement base of 200 bn USD, each 1% savings amount to Rs. 9000 c
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Posted : 18th August, 2009