Given the fact that e-Government projects are inherently complex, it therefore becomes imperative that a robust assessment strategy is devised for the existing e-Government projects that not only provides valuable understanding on individual projects but also provides for a backward integration into the process of project appraisal and capacity building. The DIT, as part of its overall e-Assessment strategy proposes to list, identify and assess e Government and ICT for Development (ICT4D) projects that provide any measure of e Government services, across India , to understand the impact, utility, sustainability, scalability and replicability of these projects.



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In view of the proposed roll out of the ambitious National eGovernance Plan Government of India was keen to understand the nature and quantum of impact created by eGovernment projects that had already been implemented by state and center
Keywords : MCA director identification number DIT G2B G2C Methodology Impact assessment eGovernance projects state level Mission Mode projects
Posted : 28th January, 2014