Capacity Building

Capacity Building for eGovernance addressing people issue, is one of the key concerns across all Government's.  Under the National eGovernance Plan (NeGP) in India the capacity building scheme takes cognizance of the fact that different states are at different levels of maturity and readiness for e-Governance and have different levels of aspiration. This section consolidates presentations and content being addressed as part of various deliberations under capacity building initiatives. 

Round Table on NeGP Implementation(29-31, July,2009)

NeGP implementation - Process related issues pdf 143.75 kb
This presentation gives a bird eye view of various process related issues in implementation of ambitious NeGP like standards in eForms CSC BPR delivery of services timely disposal as regards to SLA escalation mechanism and CSC operators role in terms
Keywords : NeGP Process related issues CSC eForms BPR service delivery CSC Operator
Posted : 27th January, 2014
e-GP MMP Implementation pdf 6.32 mb
The benefits envisaged under eGP include creation of transparent system that encourages bidder participation, savings of 5-8% of procurement value over a period of time. In India, with a procurement base of 200 bn USD, each 1% savings amount to Rs. 9000 c
Keywords : eProcurement, tenders, contractor, ppp, eGP MMP, National Procurement Portal, Buyer Seller System, Bikshapathi
Posted : 18th August, 2009
Overview of State Data Center pdf 157.95 kb
It enables various State departments to host their services/applications on a common infrastructure leading to ease of integration and efficient management, ensuring that computing resources and the support connectivity infrastructure (SWAN/NICNET) is ade
Keywords : State Data Center, NeGP, NIC, Support infrastructure, DIT, Security, interoperability, SP Singh
Posted : 18th August, 2009
Common Services Centers pdf 550.62 kb
The action plan for CSC is completion of rollout of 100,000 CSCs by June 2010, consolidation of CSC operations at 100,000 locations by June 2010, online (Real-time 24X7) monitoring of CSCs by Dec 09, accelerating service delivery ? State Portal, State Se
Keywords : CSC, NeGP, SPV, DIT, State Service Delivery Gateway, CSC rollout, eKiosk, SCA, Abhishek Singh
Posted : 18th August, 2009
Learnings from SWAN implementation in States/UTs pps 92.50 kb
This presentation lists out the lessons learnt in implementation of SWAN particularly the process-wise challenges like DPR/RFP preparation, technical assistance provided in SWAN implementation, bid process management and administrative challenges like spa
Keywords : SWAN, NeGP, RFP, Bid process management, Third party auditor, network operator, technical assistance, DIT, Ashish Sanyal
Posted : 17th August, 2009
Scope of Capacity Building for Government pdf 5.47 mb
The issues and challenges in capacity building include ownership of projects at the department level is lacking, due to high dependency on external capacities. Existing capacities to conceptualize and implement projects is lacking at the department level
Keywords : NeGP, capacity building, knowledge management, knowledge exchange, eGPX, leadership meet, Piyush Gupta
Posted : 17th August, 2009
Guidelines on operational model for implementation of MMPs pdf 190.25 kb
This presentation deals with the strategic control objectives of control over Governance Process and information control and ownership of data, control over necessary changes, on need basis and control and understanding of audit trails.
Keywords : MMP, NeGP, CPeMT, SPeMT, Apex committee, DIT, Technical Agency, Bhushan Mohan, guidelines on MMP
Posted : 17th August, 2009
Key features of CB scheme under NeGP pdf 625.17 kb
This presentation focuses on the most important features of Capacity Building scheme of NeGP like how it is envisioned by GOI and spearheaded by DIT, centralized initiative with decentralized implementation and provision of Rs. 313 crores for 3 years for
Keywords : NeGP, capacity building, CBMC, SeMT, NeGD, CB scheme, DIT, Krishnan
Posted : 17th August, 2009
Learnings from E-District Pilot Implementation pdf 233.78 kb
Scope under E-District shall be limited to providing minimal interface to receive request for service and issue receipts, tracking status and delivery general information. The challenges include mishandling of digital signatures and support staff using di
Keywords : eDistrict, NeGP, State MMP, DIT, district egovernance society, pilot implementation, PMU, CSC, SWAN, data digitization, Abhishek Singh
Posted : 17th August, 2009
Implementation of eGovernance in ULBs under JNNURM pdf 90.54 kb
The priorities under JNNURM include urban planning including town planning, regulation of land use and construction of buildings, planning for economic and social development, roads and bridges, water supply for domestic, industrial and commercial purpose
Keywords : JNNURM, ULB, Urban poverty alleviation, slum improvement, MMP, Municipal e-Governance Design Document, MoUD, Rakesh Malik
Posted : 17th August, 2009
Towards responsive Governance with excellence & accountability pdf 6.63 mb
Everybody needs information on a real time basis. This information is already available in the servers and other backend MIS. Through these projects, using SMS and mobile handsets, Department of Panchayats and Rural Development of West Bengal provides fle
Keywords : West Bengal, Rural development, Panchayat system, Purulia, South 24 Parganas, SMS application, RK Maiti
Posted : 17th August, 2009
Connectivity for NeGP pdf 226.67 kb
NeGP connectivity components are SWAN (minimum 2 Mbps), CSC broadband connectivity to 100,000 rural locations. BSNL was identified as a key Bandwidth Service Provider (BSP) for NeGP connectivity. MoU was signed with BSNL for discounted tariff for SWAN.
Keywords : NeGP, connectivity, SWAN, CSC, Bandwidth service provider, working group, BSNL, Tariff plan, AK Balani, DIT
Posted : 17th August, 2009
NeGP Overview pdf 598.44 kb
NeGP vision is to make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliability of such services at affordable costs to realise the basic needs of the c
Keywords : NeGP, DIT, eInfrastructure, CSC, eForms, MMP, SeMT, PeMT, SWAN, SDC, SSDG
Posted : 7th August, 2009
e-Governance Solutions from HP pdf 3.00 mb
This presentation speaks about the HP India Sales Pvt Ltd?s eGovernance experience in the matters related to UID project, e-Procurement deployment in India, portal solutions, payment gateway solutions ? issues and challenges.
Keywords : eGovernance solutions, HP, UID, eProcurement, Portal solutions, payment gateway, operational data management, NETS
Posted : 6th August, 2009
Technical aspects of Portal, SSDG and electronic Forms pdf 375.11 kb
This presentation deals with the various aspects like service registration by departments, online /offline filling & submission of the forms, routing to the respective field office, application architecture, content management system, integration connecto
Keywords : electronic forms, State portal, SSDG, application architecture, STQC, DIT, Renu Budhiraja
Posted : 6th August, 2009
Computerization of Targeted Public Distribution System, TPDS pdf 167.78 kb
TPDS aims to ensure correct amount of commodities reach to the intended Fair Price Shop dealers, minimize transit losses and pilferages, enable effective licensing & regulation of FPSs and ensure timely availability of commodities at FPS.
Keywords : TPDS, Fair Price Shop, FPS, FCI, godown, inventory management, barcode, DoFPD, Amit Chakravarthy
Posted : 6th August, 2009
Smart PDS pdf 307.10 kb
To minimize the existence of Ghost Cards, to have more accurate information on RC, to increase efficiency and effectiveness of PDS in the State, Government can think of using Information Technology (IT).
Keywords : Smart PDS, Gujarat, FCS & CAD, AAY, BPL, GSCSC, Ration card, Ghost card, FP Shop
Posted : 6th August, 2009
e-SANCHAR pdf 2.96 mb
It is harnessing the benefits of the telecom technology in providing information to rural citizens and it integrates mobile / telephony network with I.T. for generating voice calls to rural citizens under various beneficiary programmes.
Keywords : eSanchar, Rajasthan, AID, Telecom technology, Sub treasury, DoIT & C, Voice call, PPO, Tanmay, Pramod, Karnik
Posted : 6th August, 2009
The National Portal of India pdf 8.91 mb
National Portal of India aims at providing anytime, anywhere, single window access to Government information and services. This is a Mission Mode Project under NeGP strive for building Citizens? perspective rather than Government?s.
Keywords : National Portal of India, NPI, Integrated MMP, NeGP, DIT,, State Portal Framework, Alka Mishra, NIC
Posted : 6th August, 2009
e-Forms - Proof Of Concept pdf 11.19 mb
Electronic Forms replace paper based forms for filing of government services by Citizen. It is going to develop a repository of 41 e-forms to provide end to end service delivery through State Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG).
Keywords : NeGP, eForms, Fulcrum, POC, eFiling, SSDG, CDAC, DIT, Citizen Registration, Zia Saquib, Maharashtra
Posted : 4th August, 2009
Touching the Unreached Through the Mobile pdf 4.72 mb
The challenge is to deepen and broaden the agenda for inclusive development; and to ensure that no individual, community or region is denied the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the development process.
Keywords : NeGP, inclusive society, delivery outlets, mobile governance, MMP, Dharmarajan Krishnan, DIT
Posted : 4th August, 2009
eForms- Project Details and Implementation pdf 320.94 kb
eForms project aims at creation of a single gateway for information and citizen services for integrated service delivery by online public services to the citizen via State Portals. It is a front end application mechanism, through e-Forms, all public servi
Keywords : eForms, NeGP, Shankar Aggarwal, DIT, CSC, State Portal, State Service Delivery Gateway
Posted : 4th August, 2009
E-Government in Austria pdf 8.47 mb
Austria is the first EU Member State to achieve a 100% fully online availability, which means that for every service measured in this survey, each citizen or business has the possibility to access the service via a fully transactional electronic channel.
Keywords : Austria, eGovernment in Austria, Peter Reichstaedter, eForms, Round Table Conference, Federal Government, eID, Open source
Posted : 4th August, 2009
2nd Roundtable on Electronic Form (eForms) 2009 pdf 189.54 kb
This project will guarantee assured electronic delivery of the request from the citizen to the specified field office of the government department and the electronic acknowledgement of successful submission of application/request from department to the ci
Keywords : eForms, Roundtable, DIT, SSDG, State portal, NeGP, CDAC, common infrastructure, CSC
Posted : 4th August, 2009