Ministry of Defence

Government of India



The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is charged with the responsibility of internal and external security of India. The Indian Armed Forces (including Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy) and the Indian Coast Guard (a component of the paramilitary forces of India) are under the administration of the Defence Ministry. The MoD works closely with the National Security Council and Ministry of Home Affairs. The principal task of the Defense Ministry is to obtain policy directions of the Government on all defence and security related matters and communicate them for implementation to the Services Headquarters, Inter-Services Organizations, Production Establishments and Research and Development Organizations. It is also required to ensure effective implementation of the Government's policy directions and the execution of approved programmes within the allocated resources.

This Ministry of Defence consists of the following four Departments:

  1. Department of Defence (DOD)
  2. Department of Defence Production (DDP)
  3. Department of Defence Research & Development (DDR&D) and
  4. Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare and also Finance Division.

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