Perched on the high hills of Northeastern India, Mizoram is a storehouse of natural beauty with its picturesque landscape, hilly terrains, meandering streams, deep gorges, as well as rich wealth of flora and fauna. Flanked by Bangladesh on the west and Myanmar on the east and south, Mizoram occupies an important strategic position having a long international boundary of 722 Kms. As per 2001 census, the total population of the state is 8,91,058 land area of 21,081 sq  Km, with a high literacy rate of 88.49 %. The culture of Mizoram reflects the quintessential lifestyle and traditional heritage of the inhabitants of the Mizoram, popularly known as the ‘Songbird of the North east'. The people of Mizoram are collectively known as the Mizo. Etymologically, the term Mizo can be bifurcated into 'Mi' meaning people and

'Zo' that signifies the hill. Thus, the very nomenclature of the tribal community illustrates the fact that they hail from the highland. Recognizing ICT as the fastest and the most advanced vehicle of change for all-round progress and development of the State, Mizoram advocates widespread proliferation of ICT in the state and supports promotion of ICT in the fields of e-Governance, empowerment of people, education, industry, health, rural development, agriculture, tourism and IT enabled services. Mizoram government has a vision to ‘improve the quality of life of every citizen of Mizoram and transforming Mizoram into a knowledge based state. Some of the key e-Governance projects of Mizoram are ICT applications in Community Information Centres , Sarathi and Vahan etc