Mission Mode Projects (MMP's)

Mission Mode Projects(MMPs) are department conceived and initiated,  time bound Projects clearly spelling out all important aspects like services, target beneficiaries, service levels, project implementation team, proposed project reengineering, project implementation and management plan with specific time lines.

Mission Mode Projects are owned and spearheaded by various line Ministries which can be categorized as Central Government, State Government and Integrated projects.

The services and service levels are to be finalized in consultation with the actual users and for this, each concerned department has to form an Advisory Committee, on which users will be represented. Wherever required by the Ministries/ Departments concerned, Department of Information Technology (DIT) will provide necessary support for project formulation and development.

Central Mission Mode Projects (Central MMP's)

Central Government Ministries/Departments take up responsibility for implementing Central Sector MMPs in pursuance of National eGovernance Plan (NeGP), under the overall guidance of respective Line Ministries.  In cases where Central assistance is required, an apex Committee has been constituted at the Central level to provide necessary guidance.

The various Central Mission Mode Projects (MMP's) under NeGP are: - 

1.    Banking

2.     Central Excise & Customs

3.     e-OFFICE

4.     Income Tax (IT) Insurance

5.     Insurance

6.     MCA21

7.     National Citizen Database (NCD/MNIC)/ UNIQUE ID (UID)

8.     Passport, Immigration & Visa

9.     Pensions