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New technologies demand new types of implementation models. Budget constraints within government, barriers to entry of private investment in e-Government sector, lack of skills for program and project management, absence of frameworks that enable designing e-Gov projects on a self financing model are among the important challenges in the resource area.

However, the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) with innovative business models have emerged as a viable solution to the issues of funding e-Government projects and has helped in mitigation of risks through sharing of risks between public sector and private sector.

In sum, there are a plethora of challenges to the successful implementation of large e-Government programs. If the e-Government market in India has to record significant growth rates, it is necessary for the Government and the Industry alike, to address these challenges frontally and design appropriate policies, frameworks and solutions

The knowledge material has been categorized into five different categories namely:

  1. e-Government: General Perspective
  2. People issues in e-Government
  3. Process issues in e-Government
  4. Technology issues in e-Government
  5. Resources issues in e-Government

Each of these categories will contain knowledge material in the form of presentations, concept papers, case studies, research reports, web-links etc. Browse these categories to increase your know-how of e-Government