Bihar is the 12th largest state in terms of geographical size 99,200 sq km and with a population of 82,998,509. Bihar is one of India's richest states in the perspective of its culture and history. Bihar Government vision states that they want to become one of the top five e-Governed, IT-enabled, e-Literate  States in the Country by the end of 2012". Cities in Bihar hold a tremendous potential for wealth & economic creation.

Bihar is moving ahead with a mission to take Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to every village and to every citizen. Bihar is using ICT as a vehicle to improve the internal processes of the government for Information Technology, administrative reforms, re-engineering and modernization with a mission to provide an efficient, responsive, transparent, and cost effective Government. Some of the key e-Governance initiatives of Bihar are SCORE, VAT Information  omputerization, Revenue Administration through Computerized Energy, and Election Confidential (ELECON) Etc.