Lakshadweep islands look like emeralds in the vast expanse of blue sea. Varying hues of turquoise blue translucent water surround them. Lakshadweep is a the smallest Union Territory of India. It consists of 36 islands having an area of 32 Sq.Km and with a population of 51,707. Lakshadweep Government wants to use e-Governance to upgrade the standard and quality of administration and to provide citizen-oriented, efficient, and cost-effective government. Lakshadweep Administration has implemented several e-Governance projects with focus on delivering services virtually anywhere, as also to usher in transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the extension of public services. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has played a major role in digitally integrating the geographically dispersed islands in respect of several important needs of

life. Some of the major projects undertaken by the Administration recently reflect its commitment for overall development of the union territory using ICT tools. Some of the key e- e-Governance projects in Lakshadweep are Electricity, Employment Exchange, and Transport departments.