The State of Meghalaya is located in the North east of India. The state of Meghalaya has an area of 22,720 sq. km and a population of 2,306,069 (As per 2001- census). Meghalaya culture comprises of the socio-economic pattern of the society of Meghalaya. The Khasi, Garo and Jaintia people residing in the different parts of Meghalaya portray the rich culture of Meghalaya.


The Meghalaya Government wants to use Information Technology as a tool to enable the e-Millennium for attaining all developments in the State. One of the key objectives of the government is that with using Information Communication Technology (ICT), should benefit the common man who may not be able to use IT as a tool directly but its use should have certain impact in his life. They are using ICT as a bridge to fill the gap between citizens and Government through the establishment of Info-Kiosk, Cyber Cafe, Internet Booth, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Interface with databases, etc. Some of the key e-Governance projects of Meghalaya are e-Suvidha, Community Information Center etc.