Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, India's second largest state, lies across the very heart of  the country, occupying an area of 3,08,144 sq. km and has a population of 60,385,118. Surrounded by five states - Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, and Rajasthan. Its central location in India has remained a crucible of historical currents from North, South, East and West. Its central location makes the state a strategic hub with many logistical advantages. Easy reach, convenient travel, and good connectivity make Madhya Pradesh a choice destination for IT. State wants to improve the life of the common man by e-Governance and transforming state into Knowledge Based Economy.State's IT policy emphasizes induction of IT in all walks of government functioning with focus on masses and aims to leverage IT for transparency and better governance. Some of the key e-Governance projects are commercial Tax Department computerization, Integrated Treasuries Computerization Project (ITCP), Directorate of Technical Education, Krishinet, e-Tendering , and Mponline etc