Capacity Building and Knowledge Management

The nature and scale of e-governance initiatives planned within the domain of the State Governments, present a considerable enhancement in the aspiration level of Government. Major managerial and technological challenges are one consequence of this, particularly in the context of the need for implementation of these projects in a "mission/projectized mode", by departments concerned of the State Governments. There is also a need to manage the entire programme at the State level in a coherent manner with consistent strategies for cost optimisation and integration. For achieving this, the Governments need to provide the overall direction, standardization and consistency across initiatives and at the same time, have the resources and flexibility to drive this plan.

Scope of Capacity Building for Government pdf 5.47 mb
The issues and challenges in capacity building include ownership of projects at the department level is lacking, due to high dependency on external capacities. Existing capacities to conceptualize and implement projects is lacking at the department level
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Posted : 17th August, 2009
Key features of CB scheme under NeGP pdf 625.17 kb
This presentation focuses on the most important features of Capacity Building scheme of NeGP like how it is envisioned by GOI and spearheaded by DIT, centralized initiative with decentralized implementation and provision of Rs. 313 crores for 3 years for
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Posted : 17th August, 2009
Framework for Knowledge Management in ICT Pilot Projects pdf 1.54 mb
Knowledge Mangement(KM) is an emerging discipline which comprises the range of practices to identify, create, represent and distribute knowledge for reuse, awareness & learning. Applying Knowledge Management to the development sector is formidable challe
Keywords : development sector, NISG, i4d, SDC, IMS, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Knowledge Management Framework for Government Concept Note (2007) pdf 190.23 kb
Knowledge management is the process of creating value from an organization?s tangible and intangible assets. Many organizations in the private or public sectors across the globe have started to realize the importance of knowledge management in streamlinin
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Posted : 1st May, 2009