Pondicherry is a Union Territory of India. It covers a total land area of  492 Square Kilometers. The population of this town is 9,73,829 (AS per 2001- Census). Pondicherry culture is very rich and diverse. It is a place where the cultural impacts of several traditions have merged to form a cultural in it self. The dominant cultural practices in Pondicherry are mainly influenced and inspired by the traditions and customs of the people of the Tamil origin. The spirit of the union territory of Pondicherry lies in this unique fusion. The vision of Government of Pondicherry for the all round development of the Union territory is spelt out in a cogent blueprint called Vision 2020. GoP has embarked onto an aggressive plan to achieve the vision set forth in the Vision 2020 document. The Government has a strong motive to provide transparent, accountable, and efficient services to its stakeholders. It intends to use Information communication technologies (ICT) as one of the key enablers to achieve the vision. GoP recognizes the strategic importance of IT in improving the economy of the state as a whole. Recognizing the need for technology-enabled service delivery, as a part of its e-Governance strategy, GoP has initiated an innovative, broad-based, and enterprise-wide approach to service delivery. Some of the key e-Governance projects in Pondicherry are Gazettes on Web, ICT for fisherman's community etc.