Orissa is the ninth largest state by area in India, and the eleventh largest by population. Orissa situated on the east coast of India, has Bhubaneswar as its capital. The state of Orissa has an area of 155,820 sq. km and a population of 36,706,920 (As per 2001 census). Orissa is one of the major outsourcing destinations for IT (Information Technology) and IT services firms. The Government of Orissa will strive to develop a well-planned, robust and futuristic IT architecture in the State which will bring about positive changes in all walks of life and society, resulting in ease and convenience in transaction, augmenting employment opportunities to the educated youth and ushering higher economic growth. 

 Government wants to use Information Communication Technology (ICT) to reach the common citizen to narrow down the Digital Divide. Government wants to use widespread applications of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to establish an administrative System where the citizens would receive good governance. Government of Orissa is convinced that the gap between the rich and the poor, between the more developed and the less developed, between the urban and rural population can be bridged by empowering the less privileged sections of society by providing equality of opportunity to access information and services. To this end, Government is using the ICT tools for attaining speed,  Transparency, and effectiveness in implementing Government decisions and reaching them to the people. Some of the key e-Governance projects in Orissa are e-Shishu, E-Gram etc