Nagaland is a vibrant hill state located in the extreme North Eastern end of India. The state of Nagaland has an area of 16,579 sq. km with a population of 1,988,636 (As per 2001- Census). Nagaland is a rich incomparable traditional and cultural heritage. Nagaland Society and Culture comprises of the tribal and sub-tribal communities, their living patterns, festivals, and beliefs. Nagaland is one of the first states to introduce e-Governance reforms in North Eastern states. The state Government wants to translate the services to the citizens by using the ICT tools, thereby bridging the distance and remoteness of the state. With the infrastructure in place, state also planning to offer financial services like banking and insurance  through our CSCs and kiosks. Nagaland state objective is to not only offer government services but also make the IT industry sustainable, and target to employ the youth in IT sector. Government wants to deliver faster, reliable, and transparent administration through e- Governance to the citizens. The state Government has identified Agriculture, Treasuries and accounts, commercial taxes, road Transport and Employment for the first phase of its mission projects. In addition, Health, Education, Rural development, Industries and commerce, Veterinary and animal husbandry, Tourism, Personnel and administrative reforms and Finance departments are also to implement the state mission projects. Some of the key e-Governance projects of Nagaland are e-Suvidha and transport department communization etc.