Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is the third largest state in India with an area of 275,000 sq. km and a Population of 76,210,007 (As per 2001 census). The State is today on the top internationally in information technology and its capital Hyderabad has metamorphosed into one of the best cities in the country. It is not for nothing that global investors have found Andhra Pradesh ideal for setting up their units. International IT giants were among the first to be taken in by the Hi-tec City near Hyderabad and its environs that form Cyberabad - the IT destination.

Starting with a purely Andhra or Telugu culture, the people of the State have over the years imbibed the graces of Persian and Turkish cultures brought in by Muslim rulers. A confluence of such cultures has created an exclusive ‘Deccani' culture that combines hospitality, grace, appreciation of beauty and a passion to excel.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh aspires to transform the State into a knowledge society and make available the benefits of Information Technology to all citizens, especially those in rural areas and living in poverty. Government of Andhra Pradesh has adopted Information Technology as the tool for the over all development of the state has already been making pioneering efforts in implementing e-Governance projects towards for achieving an INFO-AGE (Inclusive, Networked, Fast, Open, Accountable, Globally benchmarked and Efficient) Government. Some of the key e-governance initiatives in Andhra Pradesh are e-Seva, SmartGov, AP Portal etc.