Government-to-Citizen projects

Government-to-Citizen (G2C) projects create an interface between the Government and Citizens enabling them to deliver the benefits from a large range of public services. These projects expand the availability and accessibility of public services and improve the quality of services for the citizens. These projects give the choice of when to interact with the Government, where to interact with the Government- service centers on 24/7 basis, and how to interact - through internet, fax, telephone, email or face-to-face etc.

Computerization of Mantralaya in the State of Madhya Pradesh pdf 251.41 kb
Computerization of each and every process within all departments of Mantralaya, the nerve center of policy and administrative decision making fetches efefective coordination of various developmental schemes and programmes and their monitoring.
Keywords : Madhya Pradesh, Mantralaya, LAN, MIS, Monitoring, DMS, FMMS, Samadhan, Parakh rao,vinayak rao, G2G
Posted : 30th April, 2009