Government-to-Citizen projects

Government-to-Citizen (G2C) projects create an interface between the Government and Citizens enabling them to deliver the benefits from a large range of public services. These projects expand the availability and accessibility of public services and improve the quality of services for the citizens. These projects give the choice of when to interact with the Government, where to interact with the Government- service centers on 24/7 basis, and how to interact - through internet, fax, telephone, email or face-to-face etc.

STAR - Simplified and Transparent Administration of Registration pdf 33.39 kb
The Department of Registration Tamil Nadu initiated a project to automate some of the processes of the department in select offices to make the system significantly faster and more transparent
Keywords : Tamilnadu G2C STAR Regitration department
Posted : 27th January, 2014
back to school - Krishnagiri Tamil Nadu pdf 51.41 kb
The software has been designed to capture very simple periodical information about each child like whether he or she is continuing in school what are their difficulties what are their requests etc To ensure that all out of school children in Krishna
Keywords : Tamil Nadu back2school Krishnagiri children education G2C
Posted : 27th January, 2014
Emergency Management and Research Institute pdf 60.42 kb
Emergency Management and Research Institute demonstrates Public Private tnership(PPP) model to reduce morbidity and mortality in a comprehensive manner.
Keywords : Emergency Management and Research Institute(EMRI), Jampala, Public Private Partnership(PPP), Health, Andhra Pradesh, G2C, Toll free number
Posted : 1st May, 2009