Located on the western coast of India, the State of Goa, with an area of 3702 Sq km and a population of 1.35 million (As per 2001- census), is one of the smaller States of the Union. Goa was ranked at the top among the States and Union Territories on 12 key indicators relating to quality of life in the Report of National Commission on Population (2002). It was selected as the ‘State of the States' in a survey conducted by the leading newsmagazine, India Today (May, 2003), and ranked the best amongst all the States in India in the categories of Education, Health, Infrastructure and Investment Scenario. With the IT/ ITES industry being eminently suited to Goa owing to its inherently non-polluting character and the fact that it makes only conservative demands on precious resources such as land, electricity and water, the Government is keen to encourage the IT/ITES industry in the State in a big way. Goa is well placed to move towards being a knowledge society and a knowledge economy.

The Government firmly believes that Information Technology is the key to the enhancing welfare of the citizens of Goa as IT can create employment opportunities for an increasing proportion of the population in a variety of diverse sectors. Rapid urbanization is happening in the cities of Panjim, Margao, Mapusa and Vasco. Goa government is trying to establish Goa as an  "Intelligent State". Goa has been using ICT as a vehicle for generating employment, social empowerment and for citizen- centric governance. Some of the key e-Governance initiatives of Goa are Municipal Administration Software (MAS), CCMS - Comprehensive Communication Management System etc.