Government-to-Business Projects

G2B (Government to Business) projects in states allow registering and notifying of upcoming contracts online for private suppliers. It also gives a chance to download documents, handle inquiries, submit bids, and see contracts. G2B helps in cutting down the cost and time and improve efficient procurement, which are motivational forces behind Government to adopt these projects. More over these projects gives an opportunity to interact on 24/7 Basis.

EVERALERT - Online medical inventory cum cargo management in Laxadweep pdf 61.76 kb
Laxadweep EVERALERT interconnects all hospitals, Primary Health Centres(PHCs, Community Health Centres(CHCs) in various far flung islands and medical directorate at Kavaratti and the Medical Store at Kochi in Kerala.
Keywords : Laxadweep, Kavaratti, EVERALERT, PHC, CHC, Islands, G2C, BV Selvarah
Posted : 29th April, 2009