G2G and G2E Projects  

G2G services take place at two levels: at the local or domestic level and at the international level. G2G services are transactions between the central-state government, state-local governments, and between department-level and attached agencies and bureaus. G2E services are specialized services that cover only government employees, such as online services of payrolls, tax information, the provision of human resource training and development that improve the bureaucracy's day-to-day functions and dealings with citizens.  Both projects also enable significant reduction in administrative costs by empowering employees and citizens to manage their own transactions. These projects help Governments to bring about a Citizen-Centric focus by maximizing the benefits offered by self-service.

INDIRAMMA housing pdf 3.93 mb
The objective of INDIRAMMA Program is to achieve a hut-free, slum-less state within short period. It aims to recognize right to adequate housing-a basic right of the poor.
Keywords : CGG, INDIRAMMA, housing, socail audit, Andhra Pradesh, G2G, G2C
Posted : 21st October, 2009
KM-ATOM (Administration of Today and Tomorrow) pdf 2.59 mb
KM-ATOM is a Software for monitoring of incoming Currents (Inward), file movement, and outgoing papers (Outward). The File Management System Automates the Storage and Retrieval and Status of files at various levels in any procedural department, consequent
Keywords : KM-ATOM, G2G, C2G, File Management System , Andhra pradesh, office administration, Suresh Chanda
Posted : 18th August, 2009
Andhra Pradesh Health Management Information System (APHMIS) pdf 105.35 kb
APHMIS aims at utilizing information technology to enhance effectiveness of health governance & to improve the delivery of health care through the use of reliable, accurate and timely information.
Keywords : Andhra Pradesh, APHMIS, Department of Health, Medical & Family Welfare, patient care, G2G, G2C
Posted : 12th August, 2009
APGO - Automatic Publication of Government Orders pdf 231.23 kb
Automatic publication of government orders by Andhra Pradesh government. Andra Pradesh government has transformed process from the manual process for the publication of orders.
Keywords : Suresh Chanda, APGO, government orders, GO, Andhra Pradesh
Posted : 6th July, 2009
KMATOM- Internet Based Processing of Office Files - Andhra Pradesh pdf 39.49 kb
KMATOM of AP aims at creation of transparency in Government functioning through Internet based Citizen Interface to office files. Citizen can view the location of file in the office and can also view status of action taken on his representation
Keywords : Andhra Pradesh, KMATOM, Suresh Chanda, Jacob Victor, Internet based file process, G2C, Citizen interface, Compliance to Right to Information Act
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Mobile Applications In Irrigation- Andhra Pradesh pdf 8.88 mb
A web-enabled package developed by CGG for use by the Irrigation & Command Area Development, AP. This chapter is reproduced with permission from the book"eGovernance case studies" Ed:Ashok Agarwal,Pub:Univiersities Press 2007
Keywords : K Dakshina Murthy, Department of Reservoir level monitoring, Centre for Good Governance(CGG), Reservoir Status Information System(RSIS), Reservoir L
Posted : 1st May, 2009