G2G and G2E Projects  

G2G services take place at two levels: at the local or domestic level and at the international level. G2G services are transactions between the central-state government, state-local governments, and between department-level and attached agencies and bureaus. G2E services are specialized services that cover only government employees, such as online services of payrolls, tax information, the provision of human resource training and development that improve the bureaucracy's day-to-day functions and dealings with citizens.  Both projects also enable significant reduction in administrative costs by empowering employees and citizens to manage their own transactions. These projects help Governments to bring about a Citizen-Centric focus by maximizing the benefits offered by self-service.

COMPWSSA -Computerized Monitoring of PWD - water Supply & Sanitation pdf 68.31 kb
COMPWSSA (Computerized Monitoring of PWD-WSS Activities) has been developed primarily for Asset Management and Monitoring Physical and Financial aspects of various construction works undertaken by Haryana PWD-WSS (Water Supply and Sanitation) Department.
Keywords : Ghan Shyam Bansal, Neeraj Singal, Haryana, Public Works Department, PWD, water supply and sanitation, WSS, G2G, NIC
Posted : 29th April, 2009