Publications, tenders and RFPs - Archive

RFP - May, 2000, Secretariat Knowledge Information Management System pdf 170.58 kb
To increase employee productivity, efficient management of data, information and knowledge within the secretariat, exploitation of the power of the network and advancement towards a paperless and knowledge-led governance.
Keywords : SMART (Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent), knowledge-led governance, productivity, data management
Posted : 1st May, 2009
RFP - May 2001, Online transaction processing System at Mandal level pdf 190.09 kb
Integrates seamlessly with the legacy systems in place already ? especially the MPHS, CARD, Sub-treasury, e-Seva and any other systems that may become operational during the period of implementation.
Keywords : OLTP, Front- end, Back-end, integration, QMS, PPP, Business model
Posted : 25th April, 2009
RFP-Sept.2000,One-stop Information Center for all Government Services pdf 280.84 kb
To increase the access speed to government information, To provide transparency to the Government?s process and operation, To improve the efficiency of government services, To provide information access convenience (24x7) to citizen.
Keywords : Government of Andhra Pradesh Portal, Strategy, Implementation, any time information, transparency
Posted : 25th April, 2009