Product Solutions

A Product Solution is an end-to-end solution provided by a product vendor, which can be customized for a particular e-governance solution. The product solutions are well tested, proven and have past successful implementations. They are more secured, flexible, and cost-effective, if they can be deployed in the original format without changing the primary functionalities. Sometimes they may have major problems, if the solution requires changes in most of the functionalities of the product solution. Most of the major IT venders have developed end-to-end product solutions for e-government requirements. These product solutions are based on the ‘best practices' experienced by the product vendors while developing products in respective domains.

e-Governance Solutions from HP pdf 3.00 mb
This presentation speaks about the HP India Sales Pvt Ltd?s eGovernance experience in the matters related to UID project, e-Procurement deployment in India, portal solutions, payment gateway solutions ? issues and challenges.
Keywords : eGovernance solutions, HP, UID, eProcurement, Portal solutions, payment gateway, operational data management, NETS
Posted : 6th August, 2009
CCMS - Comprehensive Communication Management System pdf 1.17 mb
CCMS is an innovative & pioneering communication tool with features of bulk sms, automated fax messages, email management, bulk voice calling, & IVRS. It helps in quick reaction & decision making in response to information received from various souerces.
Keywords : CCMS, SMS, IVRS, email management, voice call, disaster management, fax, Centre for Good Governance
Posted : 11th June, 2009
CIMS - Canal Irrigation Management System pdf 69.47 kb
If irrigation managers at various levels are provided with IT tools for taking appropriate decisions, reservoir operations, and management can take a quantum leap forward.
Keywords : Canal Irrigation Management System, Khadakwasla, Maharashtra , Irrigation, CMC, G2G, CIMS
Posted : 29th May, 2009