Policies and Guidelines

This section includes the policies and guidelines, which underpin the Kerala E-government programmes.

GO on setting up of IT divisions in all Government departments pdf 438.55 kb
Due to lack of in-house technical manpower the Government departments and PSUs have to depend on external agencies to implement, manage and maintain eGovernment applications.
Keywords : Kerala, IT division, eGovernance in Kerala, KSITM, IT department
Posted : 4th August, 2009
GO on Implementation of Smart Info Hub pilot project pdf 606.11 kb
The main objective of this scheme is to encourage ITeS and BPO companies to operate from low cost rural centres and thereby to create employment in rural areas. Kerala State IT Infrastructure Limited (KSITIL) is the main implementing agency for this schem
Keywords : Kerala, Smart Info Hub, KSITIL, Kollam, Techno-lodge centre, IT department, BPO
Posted : 4th August, 2009
Kerala Information Technology Policy - 2007 pdf 46.94 kb
The Government will strive to improve the standard of living of the people through the use of ICT in all sectors, enhance productivity and efficiency, optimize utilization of resources and increase the employment potential of the ICT sector.
Keywords : Kerala, Kerala IT vision, IT policy, ICT, Akshaya project, IT in government
Posted : 4th August, 2009