Processes are the activities that an organization performs to carry out its functioning. The progress of the organization depends on the efficiency, agility and the cost effectiveness of the processes being used in the organization. The processes in an organization imply an emphasis on how the activities are performed within the organization. A process is thus a specific sequence of work activities irrespective of time and place. Every process has a beginning with defined inputs, an end with defined outputs, and a structure for action


Resolving the privacy paradox - Practical strategies for Government pdf 228.35 kb
In this digital age citizens seeking greater convenience and security in their travels and transactions are demanding more effective identity management solutions from their Governments
Keywords : Identity Management Privacy citizen ID Security Identity Authentication
Posted : 27th January, 2014
iComitrax - MadhyaPradesh pdf 35.32 kb
CMC computerized one of the largest commercial taxes departments in India with 96 offices in 60 locations and 5000 employees iComitrax has made paying taxes easier for traders plugged leaks and boosted revenue for the state
Keywords : iComitrax MadhyaPradesh CMC Commercial tax System architecture G2C
Posted : 27th January, 2014
Creating a Learning Creating a Learning Government - A case study from pdf 1.05 mb
To optimize revenue yield and facilitate trade and enlist new tax contributors by promoting awareness of the obligation to voluntarily comply with South African tax and customs laws and providing a quality and responsive service to the public
Keywords : Bommireddipalli Ravi Teja case study South African Revenue Services
Posted : 27th January, 2014
How the most advanced nations can remain competitive pdf 281.80 kb
Established Leaders of the world could enhance both the quality of life of their citizens and competitiveness in the world economy in two primary ways. One is to update existing ICT infrastructures and the ways of using these technologies.
Keywords : ICT, Advanced technology adoption, enhancing Government services, IBM, established leader, employment protection legislation, e Readiness ranking
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Excellent Governance through Professional Project Management pdf 387.31 kb
With the advent of modern technology and e Government initiatives, Government agencies today are pushing to manage their organizations more like a private sector business. In their move to more streamlined practices, they should consider the importance of
Keywords : Project Management, PMI, Project Management Institute, Project Manager, Project Management Professional, PMP, Project Management Office, PMO
Posted : 1st May, 2009
How rapidly advancing nations can prosper in the Information Age pdf 271.09 kb
Globally, the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) continues to rise sharply. The overview of ?How nations thrive in the Information Age,? describes research findings where the world?s nations occupy one of three tiers.
Keywords : ICT, Government Technology, Information Age, national development, IBM, Rapid adopters, late entrants, e readiness
Posted : 1st May, 2009