Application Technology

Applications technology is the science and art of ensuring the suite of applications being used by an organization is scalable, reliable, available, and manageable. The application architecture enables the user to understand and manage the dynamics of the functionalities of the solution, which is created using the suite of available or newly-made applications. It can be used to formulate the deployment strategy of the solution and assess the technological risks that could jeopardize the growth of the organization.

Green Information Management - Role of Enterprise Content Management pdf 96.18 kb
Governments face increasing pressure to be more environmentally sensitive to make the most of their already limited funds and to make their growing volume of data more accessible to the public within depts as well as across state agencies
Keywords : Government ECM Content Management BPM paper reduction paperless automation Green Information Management Records Management IBM
Posted : 27th January, 2014
The New Enterprise Data Center - Technical White Paper pdf 1.91 mb
This paper describes the technical view of the new enterprise data center through a conceptual view of the components and key elements a staged approach and a set of patterns to guide data center transformation activities for the new enterprise DC
Keywords : Data center Enterprise Virtualization Security Cloud Computing Service Oriented delivery Green DC IBM
Posted : 27th January, 2014
Government performance management pdf 151.10 kb
The current environment demands that the public sector must deliver the best value for taxpayers and achieve higher levels of service within the constraints of shrinking budgets and resources. Accountability demands on the public sector increase every yea
Keywords : Government Performance Management, Performance Metrics, Scorecard, Strategic alignment, Business Intelligence, Planning Solution, Cognos, IBM
Posted : 28th August, 2009
Dynamic business processes for government pdf 300.21 kb
In 2008, an IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study documented six key drivers that are shaping all levels of government worldwide. The downturn in the global economy has underscored and accelerated the need for Governments to factor and respond to t
Keywords : Collaboration, dynamic BPM, Perpetual Collaboration, Virtual organization, Increased teamwork, Enhanced communication, Interconnectedness, SOA, IBM
Posted : 28th August, 2009
Deliver integrated solutions for collaborative government pdf 191.00 kb
Every aspect of government IT needs to be simplified, coordinated and accelerated so that like other organizations, governments also are easier to work with. To achieve this goal, governments need processes, structures and systems that enhance employee pr
Keywords : Middleware, Modern Government, Citizens, Government Target Challenges, Government Collaboration, Maximise efficiency, Public Safety, IBM
Posted : 28th August, 2009
IT Risk Management Considerations for eGovernance pdf 970.44 kb
The objective of this presentation is to discuss the IT Risk Management & Security considerations in eGovernance initiatives.
Keywords : Risk Management, eGovernance ,Sameer Shelke,Aujas Networks
Posted : 12th June, 2009
Collaboration is the Six Sigma of the 21st Century Organization-Cisco pdf 5.91 mb
Collaboration is the Six Sigma of the 21st century. It is the only way to unlock trapped productivity in an organization. A virtual management structure is required to develop moving away from a command-centric organizational culture. As today?s workforce
Keywords : Operational excellence, Ricci, Collaboration is the Six Sigma,Cisco
Posted : 12th June, 2009
Appropriate Technology for e-Governance-A Strategic Perspective pdf 2.59 mb
This presentation discuss the strategic dimensions of choice of technology, IPR, open source and open standards adoption in eGovernment.
Keywords : Technology, strategic dimensions, Jaijit Bhattacharya,Sun Microsystems,open source
Posted : 12th June, 2009
EMS solution for the State Data Center (SDC) pdf 370.66 kb
The Design of SDC and creation of common solution frame work poses challenges. Based on the roles of various stakeholders and services being delivered, State Governments are required to use technologies discussed in this document at various levels.
Keywords : CA, SDC, State Data Centers, EITM, EMS, Technology, Security Infrastructure, Network, Identity and Access Management
Posted : 1st May, 2009
EITM Solution for e-Governance pdf 275.33 kb
Enterprise IT Management (EITM) is CA?s vision of how it is possible to unify and simplify IT management for establishing and implementing various e-Governance Initiatives in the country. EITM helps us to effectively govern, manage and secure IT.
Keywords : CA, EITM, Enterprise IT Management, Transform, Architecture
Posted : 1st May, 2009