Jammu and Kashmir 

Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost state of India with an area of 222,236. Sq. km and a population of 10,069,917 (As per 2001 census). Jammu and Kashmir has been famous for its natural beauty since time immemorial and has been aptly described as "heaven on earth". J&K has the distinctiveness of having multihued, motley of unique cultural blend, differentiating it from the rest of the country. Jammu & Kashmir is not only different in cultural forms and heritage, but also different in geographical, demographically, ethical and social entities from other parts of the country. The state is accurately shaped into a spectrum of variance and variation. State government wants to promote and disseminate Information Technology in the state so that the common man could avail the benefits of information technology and e- governance. Some of the key e-governance initiatives in Jammu and Kashmir are Community Information Centre (CIC), Online Employment Exchange Information and Online Motor vehicle information system etc.