IFMS Gujarat pdf 153.89 kb
Integrated Financial Management System is a tool which will provide real time financial position of state by on-line updation and consolidation of Receipts and Expenditures and long-term integrated solution for carrying out functions like Planning
Keywords : Gujarat Integrated Financial Management System G2G Cyber Treasury Online consolidation of accounts
Posted : 27th January, 2014
KM-ATOM (Administration of Today and Tomorrow) pdf 2.59 mb
KM-ATOM is a Software for monitoring of incoming Currents (Inward), file movement, and outgoing papers (Outward). The File Management System Automates the Storage and Retrieval and Status of files at various levels in any procedural department, consequent
Keywords : KM-ATOM, G2G, C2G, File Management System , Andhra pradesh, office administration, Suresh Chanda
Posted : 18th August, 2009
Smart card pilot project evaluation - NISG pdf 1.31 mb
As part of the Smart Card Pilot Project Evaluation, National Institute of Smart Government (NISG) was engaged by the Commissionerate of Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh to evaluate the implementation of the Pilot projects from a technology
Keywords : NREGA, SSP, G2C, Andhra Pradesh, Smart card, Biometric, Fingerprint Enrollment, Benefits Disbursement, Technology Assessment, Evaluation Framework
Posted : 18th August, 2009
Andhra Pradesh Health Management Information System (APHMIS) pdf 105.35 kb
APHMIS aims at utilizing information technology to enhance effectiveness of health governance & to improve the delivery of health care through the use of reliable, accurate and timely information.
Keywords : Andhra Pradesh, APHMIS, Department of Health, Medical & Family Welfare, patient care, G2G, G2C
Posted : 12th August, 2009
Smart PDS pdf 307.10 kb
To minimize the existence of Ghost Cards, to have more accurate information on RC, to increase efficiency and effectiveness of PDS in the State, Government can think of using Information Technology (IT).
Keywords : Smart PDS, Gujarat, FCS & CAD, AAY, BPL, GSCSC, Ration card, Ghost card, FP Shop
Posted : 6th August, 2009
Bhu Bharati - Integrated Land Information System (ILIS) pdf 288.48 kb
The importance of Land information cannot be overemphasized. Land records provide the basis for recognition of owner?s title, boundaries, & usage collection of all land and property based levies, like Property Tax, Vacant Land Tax, water Tax, NALA Tax et
Keywords : Integrated Land Information System (ILIS), Andhra Pradesh, Revenue Department, Survey and Land records department, G2C, G2G, Bhu Bharati
Posted : 16th July, 2009
Status of NeGP Implementation in Gujarat pdf 2.02 mb
The presentation provides a snapshot view of NeGP Vision, MMPs & Governance Structure, Status of Core Infrastructure Projects, Status of State Level Mission Mode Projects (MMPs), Capacity Building Project.
Keywords : Gujarat, State MMPs, NeGP, Mission Mode Project, Capacity building, eGovernance projects in Gujarat
Posted : 29th June, 2009