Women Voices on Air pdf 254.38 kb
They had come a long way from battling arrack producers who were wrecking havoc with their lives to being participants in a radio programme which would be heard by all women in the five taluks of Mysore district Their voices were now on air
Keywords : Community radio Karnataka ICTD MSK Mahiti Manthana Broadcasting
Posted : 27th January, 2014
Mahila manthana: Using ICTs for women empowerment pdf 165.76 kb
Information and Communication Technologies can create disseminate store bring value and manage information in a way that few could have imagined Also ICTs have made it possible to reach the unreached women
Keywords : Mahila Manthana ICTD Mahila Samakhya Karnataka TIC DDS SITA Sangha Capacity building
Posted : 27th January, 2014
Making ICTs work for people pdf 467.84 kb
In India today, the focus is slowly shifting to the use of ICTs to improve public service delivery of governments. Information dissemination about government schemes and public services, employment generation are some of the popular ways in which ICTs are
Keywords : Hafiz pasha, ICTD, NeGP, Bangalore one, iCoSC, Kearala State IT Mission, Ashwini, VIS, e-Panchayat, e-Procurement
Posted : 10th September, 2009
Bangalore One - One-stop services to citizen pdf 625.25 kb
Integrated Citizen Service Centres as many are aware are one-stop centres where varied government services are made available, thus doing away with the need for the citizen to travel to different locations interacting with different government departments
Keywords : Bangalore one, one stop service, G2C, Integrated Citizen Service Centers, ICSC, Karnataka
Posted : 10th September, 2009
Workshop for review of ICTD projects pdf 438.69 kb
Thirteen pilot initiatives are being funded through this project under four themes, namely - Integrated Citizen Services, Rural Livelihoods, Governance and Women Empowerment. These pilots are being implemented by project partners like state governments an
Keywords : ICTD, project review, NISG, UNDP, i4d, DIT, VIS, Mahiti Manthana, DRISTI, e-Krishi, Mahiti Mitra, e-Justice
Posted : 10th September, 2009
Conducting a needs assessment study for ICT for development projects pdf 409.46 kb
Needs assessment study helps to ascertain the specific requirements of a community and also to determine the stakeholders? willingness to use ICTs. Analysis of the data collected through needs assessment study will result in a well-defined project that ad
Keywords : ICTD, Needs assessment, Social inclusion, key informants, people forum, survey, Focus group interview, data analysis
Posted : 10th September, 2009
Impact Assessment of ICT for Development Projects pdf 601.82 kb
There can be five types of assessment indicators: 1. Performance indicators, relating inputs to outputs 2. Effectiveness indicators, relating outputs to usage 3. Cost-effectiveness indicates relating inputs to usage 4. Cost-benefit indicators, relating in
Keywords : Impact assessment, ICTD, IRDC, Outcome monitoring, Outcome evaluation, Millennium Development Goals, Assessment framework
Posted : 10th September, 2009
Engaging Communities in ICT for development initiatives pdf 173.87 kb
The whole act of engaging a community in the development process is about giving people a voice. While technology can only act as an enabler in providing services or alerting the social landscape with tailor-made interventions, the role of people and comm
Keywords : ICTD, Community, development initiatives, Ashwini, VIS, SHG, Byrraju foundation, EDS, i4d
Posted : 10th September, 2009
Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan pdf 696.95 kb
KNNA is a network of 28 Rural Development Voluntary Organizations in the district of kutch in Gujarat State. This network has come together and an ambitious project has been drawn up to use Information and Communications Technologies.
Keywords : Setu, Panchayati raj, V-SAT, Vyapar, Kutch, Self Government, Gujarat, Mahiti Mitra, Gram Sabha
Posted : 1st May, 2009
e-Justice pdf 536.71 kb
To provide justice to the common man, by presenting the key legislations in a simpler manner, simplifying relevant judgements and certain procedural regulations, enlightening citizens on the existence of alternative remedies and making the same available
Keywords : Andhra Pradesh, NISG, i4d, e-justice, legislation, court, legal rights, human rights, mandal
Posted : 1st May, 2009
i-Governance-the DRISTI way of West Bengal pdf 451.40 kb
e-Governance is the ICT -enabled route to achieving Good Governance.It may be called as, i-Governance'- integrated Governance since it integrates both processing and communication technologies, and also integrates people, processes, information and techno
Keywords : West Bengal, panchayat, municipality, block level, zila, dristi, State rural development department, awareness building
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Developing Community Radio skills for women in villages of Mysore pdf 469.37 kb
Using Radio in innovative combinations with other ICTs to provide enhanced Information and Communication processes for woman. The workshop was designed keeping inview that the majority of the women are illiterate.
Keywords : Mahila radio, Samakhya, Community radio, Mysore university, News Letter, NISG, i4d
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Creating Rural Entrepreneurs through ICT- Delhi pdf 487.44 kb
Government of India and NGOs have been focusing on rural entrepreneurship as a key route to solving the need for economic and social empowerment. ICT acts as an effective means to realize the creation of sustainable livelihoods to the people of rural area
Keywords : Entrepreneur, sustainable livelihoods, Development Alternatives, Employment, EDS, TARA, TARAhaat, Delhi, NGO
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Village Information System- attempting to transform rural Governance pdf 607.32 kb
Access to information becomes a key to healthy and dynamic democracy to ensure participation of all in development. The challenge lies in ensuring easy flow of public information to rural citizens across the country for achieving improvement in the qualit
Keywords : Gujrat, Village Information system, e-dhara, Mahiti, Gangagyan, e-gram, e-Prima, saline area, community involvement
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Rationale for single state-wide e-Procurement system pdf 466.17 kb
Implementation of e-Procurement has been takenup primarily at the departmental level. Many agencies engaged in the procurement of public works have taken the initiative to implement the e-Tendering aspects of e-procurement.
Keywords : NISG, i4d, registration, indent, e-tendering, catalogue, contract, e-auction, e-payment, MIS, Ramanadhan somasundaram
Posted : 1st May, 2009
ICT in NREGA implementation pdf 687.26 kb
The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is unparalleled in its scope and vision.But there are a few roadblocks that have to be negotiated before its full potential can be realized.
Keywords : ICT, Rural Employment Guarantee Act, NREGA, Monitoring, Smart card, Biometrics, Rural ATM, SMS based fund transfer, G2C
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Efficient Programme Monitoring - Kerala eKrishi experience pdf 719.61 kb
For effective programme implementation constant monitoring is essential. Results Based Management(RBM) framework ensures that projects are on track and yielding expected outcomes.
Keywords : e-krishi, Kerala Agricultural Produce Marketing Commodities Act, Akshaya, kissan, virtual university
Posted : 1st May, 2009
e-District: The Emerging Future in Tamil Nadu pdf 223.11 kb
Governments around the world are rushing to embrace e-Governance. The benefits of technology are being harnessed to change the traditional mode of functioning and service delivery. Since a majority of the services to citizens are provided at the district
Keywords : NISG, i4d, Tamil Nadu, Tiruvur, Pilot district, empowered citizen, employment, community, CSC, G2C
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Decision Support System- Facilitating the Panchayat Planning Process pdf 180.54 kb
Decision Suport System has come long way since 1965 when the first IBM System360and other mainframe systems were used to develop Management Information Systems for large companies.
Keywords : Decision support system, Panchayat Planning, GIS, Natural Management, NISG, i4d
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Bangalore One- a Citizen Friendly Government Services of Karnataka pdf 216.18 kb
The days of standing in a queue for anything & everything from applying for a passport or purchasing movie tickets to paying electricity bills and telephone bills seem to be heading towards oblivion.
Keywords : NISG, i4d, Karnataka, Bangalore, integrated citizen services, BOOT,G2C,B2C, transaction, mode of payment
Posted : 1st May, 2009
ICTD Project Review Workshop pdf 170.81 kb
To take stock of the ICTD project since the projects are now moving into its final phase. Projects : Entreprise Development & Support Services (EDSS); Mahiti Manthana; Bangalore One ; e-procuremnt; i-CoSC (Sugam); Village Information System (VIS)
Keywords : EDSS, NABARD, quality assessment, G2B, entrepreneur, Sugam center, DC office
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Framework for Knowledge Management in ICT Pilot Projects pdf 1.54 mb
Knowledge Mangement(KM) is an emerging discipline which comprises the range of practices to identify, create, represent and distribute knowledge for reuse, awareness & learning. Applying Knowledge Management to the development sector is formidable challe
Keywords : development sector, NISG, i4d, SDC, IMS, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Taking ICT to Marginalized Communities pdf 226.44 kb
Marginalized communities are generally excluded from development processes, more so in the case of ICT for Development. Paradoxically ICT can be of maximum benefit to such group. Abhiyan's pioneering efforts to extend the benefits of ICT to marginalized c
Keywords : Abhiyan, marginalized community, Mahiti mitra, Rural artisan, rural kiosk, VSAT, ISRO, Setu
Posted : 1st May, 2009
ICTD Project Review Workshop(I) pdf 105.69 kb
To take stock of the ICTD project since the projects are now moving into its final phase. Projects : DRISTI-West Bengal; Ashwini-Andhra Pradesh; e-krishi-Kerala ;Mahiti Mitra-Gujarat; e-justice-AP.
Keywords : SEZ, Internet Village, GIS, Block, BIO, IFMAS, UNDP, Millenium Development Goal
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Social Return on Investment pdf 135.99 kb
All types of Organizations commercial as well as social enterprises, create value along a continuum ranging from socio-economic to social. It is of increasing importance for social enterprises to be able to document the social value created.
Keywords : Social Value, SROI, NPV, Organization Return, Investment, Non-Profit, NISG, i4d
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Introduction to project Management perspective in development projects pdf 520.48 kb
Successful project management involves balancing the triple constraints of scope, time and cost. The high cost of development projects has created a need to equip, prepare and create more capacity among the development sector for ensuring smooth implement
Keywords : project management cost, scope, perspective, Return of Investment, development programme
Posted : 1st May, 2009
One-stop services to citizen- Integrated Citizen Services pdf 625.25 kb
Integrated Citizen Service Centers as many are aware are one-stop centers where varied Government services are made available,thus,doing away with the need for the citizen to travel to different locations interacting with different Government departments.
Keywords : one stop shop, G2C, integrated service center, rural, bangalore one
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Making Farmer an Equal Partner pdf 442.47 kb
Agriculture is the predominant occupation in India, it is the major contributor of the economy. If the sector had to progress and become sustainable, it must quickly transform its functioning , by adapting to new Information Technologies that assist.
Keywords : Agriculture, Rural Communities, e-Choupal, Farming, Akshya Center, FRIENDS, Gyandoot
Posted : 1st May, 2009