Review on DRISTI Pilot Project pdf 673.08 kb
Rural Household Data and the software made for retrieval of information on status of rural households have helped in targeting the beneficiaries of poverty alleviation and social security programme effectively
Keywords : DRISTI West Bengal PRI SAHAY WBSRDA Local Self Governance Bankura Block Development Office ICTD
Posted : 27th January, 2014
SUGAM Project Integrated community service centers pdf 1.77 mb
The challenges in project implementation include less population per centre Issue of financial viability difficult topography lack of resources lack of alternatives for outsourcing of front-ending the centres and provision of network bandwidth
Keywords : SUGAM Himachal Pradesh Process reengineering HIMSWAN Shastr Billing application CSC
Posted : 27th January, 2014
Unified e-Procurement Platform of the State Government of Karnataka pdf 83.74 kb
The characteristics of GoK e-Procurement such as contractors will not be required to visit government offices to participate in tenders and also for bid submission payment due to contractors will be paid electronically using NEFT
Keywords : e-Procurement Government of Karnataka NEFT PPP e-Tendering e-Auction Contract management
Posted : 27th January, 2014
ICTD Review Workshop February 19-20, 2009 Calicut, Kerala pdf 10.58 mb
Lessons learnt such as; ICTD projects have to be built on existing development initiatives, information and development orientation required, need to align with government programs for scale, SLAs important for maintaining service quality, data collection
Keywords : ICTD, i4d, Calicut, Bangalore one, e-Krishi, Dristi, Mahiti Manthana, e-Procurement, Aswini, VIS
Posted : 10th September, 2009
e-Government initiatives in PR & RD department, West Bengal pdf 3.64 mb
Rural Household Survey database containing socio-economic information for 1.33 crore rural household is available to each Gram Panchayat for objective decision making. The database has been embedded with Open source supported software for easy retrieval o
Keywords : PR & RD department, West Bengal, DRISTI, GPMS, Lokasiksha Sanchar, PMGSY, Gram Samsad, NREGS
Posted : 10th September, 2009
Mobile Information Technology for Rural Advancement - MITRA pdf 112.51 kb
The advantages of technology are no human errors, reduce delay in reporting and monitoring, introduce transparency and accountability, anywhere / anytime access, user-friendly data entry and reports and timely feedback and Management action, etc.
Keywords : MITRA, JSVS, PEDO, Rajasthan, Microfinance, SHG helpline, rural advancement, Mobile information technology
Posted : 10th September, 2009
VIDIYAL - ICTD in Women Conciliation Center pdf 3.06 mb
One of the goals of the project is strengthening the role of ICT in providing the legal, constitutional and human right awareness among women and enable them to interact with appropriate institutional mechanisms.
Keywords : Vidiyal, ICTD, SHG, Community development, Tamil Nadu, Capacity building, VKC, Theni district, ICLIS
Posted : 10th September, 2009
ICT for Empowerment of Women in Gujarat and Bihar pdf 1.54 mb
Poorest of poor should access ICT related services and they should also benefit from the technology. SEWA has more than 1 million members spread across 9 states of India. 2/3rd of SEWA?s members in Gujarat are from the rural areas.
Keywords : Empowerment of women, SEWA, Gujarat, Bihar, Community Learning Center, CLC, Rural Entrepreneurship, Sanskar Kendras
Posted : 10th September, 2009
ICTD Project Looking Back and way forward pdf 62.75 kb
ICTD project objectives aim to demonstrate and to build further on the use of ICT for improved governance through sustainable pilot initiatives in delivery of key public services and to build Public-Private Partnerships in ICT applications for governance.
Keywords : ICTD, ICT applications, BPR, GPR, empowerment, livelihoods, SLA, CBO, PRI, Capacity Building, CSC
Posted : 10th September, 2009
e-Krishi aims at offering a Win-Win framework for all the stakeholders, supporting a platform for virtual aggregation of farmers and provides scale advantages and mobilizes the farming community for empowering them with information, knowledge and negotiat
Keywords : e-Krishi, ICT4D, NeGP, ICT in Agriculture, Bhoomi club, CSC, Market Avenue, Akshaya entrepreneurs
Posted : 10th September, 2009
e-Krishi pdf 12.45 mb
The vision of the project is to establish a connected farmers community throughout Kerala who have access to information on Market Demand, Prices, Good Agricultural practices, Quality agricultural inputs supported by a technology enabled robust transactio
Keywords : e-Krishi, Agri Business, Agriculture department, Kerala State IT Mission, Akshaya Center, Anvar Sadath K, IIITM-K
Posted : 9th September, 2009
e-Procurement Implementation in Govt. of Karnataka pdf 91.52 kb
Envisioned as an end-to-end platform (i.e.) all stages of procurement from indenting until payment will be handled electronically. Contractors will not be required to visit government offices to participate in tenders and also for bid submission.
Keywords : e-Procurement, Karnataka, e-Tendering, e-Auction, Go-live, Bid process, EMD, PPP, Indent management, Supplier registration
Posted : 9th September, 2009
SUGAM Project, Himachal Pradesh pdf 970.60 kb
Land Records, HIMRIS- Property Registration, E-Praman-Certificates, Birth & Death Registration, Voter e-Registration, Computer Maintenance, Employment-Job Portal, Grievance Redressal, Utility Bill Payment (Electricity, Water and Telephone), Online Hotel R
Keywords : SUGAM, Himachal Pradesh, Process reengineering, HIMSWAN, Shastr, Billing application, CSC
Posted : 9th September, 2009
Mahiti Mitra pdf 8.19 mb
The lessons learnt through these initiatives; not enough awareness amongst Panchayats on potential of application in improving the Governance is established. Once that is achieved then proactive ness by Panchayats will increase. By easing complexity in
Keywords : Mahiti Mitra, Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, Setu, K-Link, Abhiyan, Paid user, Kutch, Tele- education, PRI, ICTD
Posted : 9th September, 2009
ICTD Review Workshop, March 26-27, 2008 pdf 1.20 mb
Highlights of Learnings include information and development orientation required for ICTD initiatives to thrive, need to align with government entrepreneurship programs, SLAs important for maintaining service quality and data collection, regular updation
Keywords : ICTD, mid term evaluation, i4D, e-Justice, Mahiti Mitra, DRISTI, e-Procurement, iCoSC, EDSS
Posted : 9th September, 2009
Status Update of CDPII ? CRU Review - Calicut February 2009 pdf 22.16 kb
Learnings of CRU include development practitioners as against Media experts, multi layered production cycles, impact will be tenfold through development processes and mainstreaming marginalized voices.
Keywords : CDPII, CRU, ICTD, Calicut, Kelu Sakhi, CRP, MSK, Vikasana, SVYM, Sangha
Posted : 9th September, 2009
Mahiti Manthana-Project Review at Calicut ? Feb 19-20th 2009 pdf 1.64 mb
The status of Mahiti Manthana is; 7 MSK staff become video directors, one sangha woman shoots her first video, others show interest, 120 screenings till Jan 09, videos in field ? resources for grassroots staff, request screenings at Sangha level, sangha o
Keywords : Mahiti Manthana, Calicut, Sangha, MSK, CRP, documentation, gendar debate, Kelu Sakhi, Gyanyani
Posted : 9th September, 2009
Mahiti Manthana- IT for Change and Mahila Samakhya, Karnataka pdf 1.86 mb
Empowerment of socially disadvantaged women in the project area and Mahila Samakhya Karnataka Mysore integrates ICTs into their core activities. Video is a very powerful and effective medium. Women's attention to video is higher, understanding visual info
Keywords : Mahiti Manthana, Mahila Samakhya, Karnataka, Bhuj, Video, Radio, Telecentre, Sangha, NMK, ICTD
Posted : 8th September, 2009
Ashwini- Broadband platform for Rural Services pdf 331.26 kb
Ashwini Broadband platform for Rural Services has achieved the outputs such as improved access to specialized health care services, improved quality of Secondary and Professional education and improved agriculture and aqua extension services.
Keywords : Ashwini, Byrraju Foundation, Joseph Thomas, Tele ECG, GRAM IT, ICTD, DESICREW, Rural Services
Posted : 8th September, 2009
TARA Enterprise Development & Support Service (TEDSS) pdf 7.53 mb
More livelihood opportunities have to be explored. In order to accelerate the job creation, Diversified pool of enterprises has to be identified. partnerships and alliances with appropriate technical training institutions must be forged to ensure that tra
Keywords : TEDSS, Development Alternatives, TARAhaat, ICTD, EDP, Brand Building, Livelihoods, rural entrepreneurs
Posted : 8th September, 2009