Service and Payroll Administrative Repository of Kerala (SPARK) pdf 1.16 mb
A web based G2E integrated solution for Service and Payroll Management which meets all requirements in Service and Salary matters. SPARK has the provision as such in the Service book to trace service history, track record, bills/ reports/orders etc.
Keywords : Kerala, SPARK, Personnel and Payroll management, Kerala State IT Mission, NIC, unique permanent employee number
Posted : 18th June, 2009
TRIM - Kerala pdf 310.60 kb
TRIM is designed and developed as a centralised repository of Treasury transactions and related data. This chapter is reproduced with permission from the book"eGovernance case studies" Ed:Ashok Agarwal,Pub:Univiersities Press 2007
Keywords : V S Raghunathan, A Nisarudeen, Kerala, NIC, G2G, TRIM, treasury information management
Posted : 1st May, 2009
MESSAGE - Digital work flow in Government of Kerala pdf 75.57 kb
A digital document mangement system allows the citizens to know the status of their files through web and mobile interface which paves way for faster and efficient file management. The project also demonstrates that the paperless operations can be effecti
Keywords : Kerala, G2C, Kerala State IT Mission, digital Work flow, Kala K, MESSAGE
Posted : 29th April, 2009
Content Management Frame work (CMF), G2G initiative in Kerala pdf 62.91 kb
The Content Mangement System of Kerala supports evolutionary digital life cycle of information which includes creation, updation, publishing, translating, archiving and retiring.
Keywords : Kerala, CMF, Digital life cycle, G2G, translating, publishing, translating, archiving, retriving
Posted : 29th April, 2009
DC*Suite - Suite of Application for e-Collectorate- Kerala pdf 271.73 kb
Titled `DC* Suite? envisages an integrated suite of applications for the Collectorate. The programme is aimed at making all services more accessible to the citizens. DC*Suite is based on an integrated solution architecture covering all functional areas an
Keywords : Raghunathan, Asir Edwin, DC*Suite, e-Collectorate, Kerala, Akshaya centre, Kudumbasree, NICSI, G2G
Posted : 29th April, 2009
SPARK- Kerala pdf 125.78 kb
A Centralised Integrated Computerised Personnel and Payroll Information System will help the Government to get details of any employee immediately, achieve highest level of transparency in dealing with employees, more consistent application of rules.
Keywords : V S Raghunathan, SPARK, G2E, service & payroll administration repository, Kerala , Kerala Income Tax Department
Posted : 29th April, 2009
CLAIMS - Computerised Lok Ayukta - Kerala pdf 83.59 kb
CLAIMS keeps track of the court case information in the Lok Ayukta and monitor the property statements submitted by public servants. This Chapter is reproduced from the book ?e-Governance case studies? Ed. Ashok Agarwal, Pub: Universities Press 2007
Keywords : V S Raghunathan, A Nisarudeen, kerala, G2G, CLAIMS, computerised lok ayukta, property statements, court case information
Posted : 29th April, 2009
Open - Source Initatives - Kerala pdf 95.34 kb
National Informatics Centre, Kerala, has been taking a lot of initiatives using open-source technologies to prove that cost-effective, world-class standards and solutions can be used very effectively by the Government. This chapter is reproduced with perm
Keywords : V S Raghunathan, K C Asha Verma, kerala, NIC, CAPNIC, CLAIMS, court cases information monitoring system, G2G
Posted : 29th April, 2009