State Wide Area Network (SWAN)

The SWAN Scheme for 29 States & 6 Union Territories, was approved by Govt. of India, in March 2005 to set up State Wide Area Networks (SWAN), interconnecting each State / UT Head Quarter with District Head Quarter and below each District Head Quarter with the Block Head Quarters with minimum 2 Mbps leased line.

The objective of the Scheme is to create a secure close user group (CUG) Government network for the purpose of delivering G2G and G2C services.

Implementation of SWAN Scheme is in full swing across the country. Pre-project implementation phase (after the individual project is approved by the Empowered Committee) includes Feasibility Study, Proposal Preparation, Site Preparation, Bandwidth Operator selection, Network Operator selection, Network Implementation, Acceptance Testing and to operate network for next 5 years. The monthly status of implementation across the States/UTs is available in the DIT Website 

Learnings from SWAN implementation in States/UTs pps 92.50 kb
This presentation lists out the lessons learnt in implementation of SWAN particularly the process-wise challenges like DPR/RFP preparation, technical assistance provided in SWAN implementation, bid process management and administrative challenges like spa
Keywords : SWAN, NeGP, RFP, Bid process management, Third party auditor, network operator, technical assistance, DIT, Ashish Sanyal
Posted : 17th August, 2009
SWAN-Guidelines for Technical & Financial Support PDF 84.99 kb
Government of India Guidelines for Technical and financial support for establishment of State Wide Area Network (SWAN)
Keywords : SWAN, Guidelines, NeGP, NEGAP, DIT, NICNET, bandwidth
Posted : 1st May, 2009
SWAN-Guidelines on key service level indicators for Bandwidth provider PDF 78.16 kb
Government of India guidelines on Key Service Level indicators for SWAN Bandwidth providers, which will considered by all the state Governments for incorporation in the Service level agreement with Bandwidth Providers.
Keywords : SWAN, Service provider, Bandwidth, SLA, Circuit
Posted : 1st May, 2009
Key Service Level indicator guidelines for SWAN Operators in states pdf 116.22 kb
Government of India Guidelines on Key Service Level indicators for SWAN Operators, which can be considered by states for information in the service level agreement with SWAN Operators.
Keywords : SWAN, Operator, SLA, Backbone Latency
Posted : 1st May, 2009
SWAN-Guidelines on Standards,Inter-operability, Interconnect & Securit pdf 1.42 mb
Government of India Guidelines on Standards, Inter-operability, Inter-connect & Security for State Wide Area Networks (SWANs)
Keywords : SWAN, interoperability, Standards, Security, TCP/IP
Posted : 25th April, 2009
SWAN-RFP Assessment template pdf 53.59 kb
Request for Proposal (RFP) Assessment template for SWAN - which can be utilised by the respective states for assessment of RFP.
Keywords : SWAN, RFP, Observations, Operator, Matrix, Roadmap
Posted : 25th April, 2009
SWAN-Technical Assistance by Consulting Agency pdf 146.50 kb
Considering the size and complexity of the SWAN implementation exercise, the role of Project Consulting Agency clearly described for implementation of State Wide Area Network (SWAN)
Posted : 25th April, 2009
SWAN-RFP on BOOT Model pdf 434.77 kb
Template on Request for Proposal for implementation of SWAN on Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) Model given by Government of India for the use of the States to call for bids.
Keywords : SWAN, BOOT, RFP, ICT, Bidding, EMD
Posted : 25th April, 2009
SWAN- RFP for section of Third Party Auditor pdf 119.98 kb
Government of India has prepared a template RFP for selection of SWAN Third Party Auditor from DIT empanelled Agencies, which is required to provide dedicated work force for entire contract period with a State/UT.
Keywords : SWAN, RFP, TPA, Audit, NEGP
Posted : 25th April, 2009
SWAN-Scheme Implementation Process pdf 38.60 kb
AS per the GoI Guidelines for implementation process of SWAN, any state or UT may either engage NIC as implementing agency or go through appropriate PPP Model to outsource entire network........
Keywords : SWAN, NIC, PPP, Vendor, DIT, outsourcing
Posted : 25th April, 2009