NISG provides a unique platform for people passionate to work towards nation building and who aspire to bring about a positive change in the society and the lives of millions of Indians. The sheer diversity of its projects offers a wide range of challenging areas for people who want to make a difference. Since NISG is deeply involved in e-government projects that are aimed at transforming the delivery of public services, all of its employees and associates get a chance to work in areas that have a Statewide or countrywide impact.

In terms of work culture NISG has created an environment where skill sets, expertise and talents of every employee or associate have a chance to blossom. If they have the will, and show potential, NISG allows them to single-handedly implement the project. This gives employees and associates room to hone their skills and achieve outstanding results.

NISG has an open-door policy for professionals with sound knowledge of government processes and experience/expertise in strategy formulation, architecture development, capacity building, process reengineering, change management and program development & management.

Flexibility in working style is intrinsic to the work culture at NISG. As a thin and flat organization, it presents a working environment that is devoid of structural rigidities, functional impediments and excessive stress on hierarchy.

NISG has on board an eclectic mix of people from diverse backgrounds. People from across the country have found NISG to be an amazing melting pot in which their cherished goals and aspirations coalesce. Regardless of age, nativity, educational background, experience and past association with Government or Private Sector, people find some area or the other where they have found themselves contributing. Once they get involved in the area they believe is their forte, it is easy for them to excel in that, benefit from their work, and make a significant contribution to NISG. All this makes NISG a haven for pioneers who choose not to tread the beaten path.

Besides from offering incentives that reward the contribution actually made by an employee or an associate, NISG encourages its staff members to undergo training programs and obtain industry certifications relevant to their work areas.

During its fledgling years, NISG has also been able to attract talent from institutions of academic excellence like IIM Ahmedabad, ISB Hyderabad, IIT Madras etc.

If you are passionate about making a difference to the lives of millions of fellow countrymen, join hands with NISG and be part of a wonderful journey of transforming India through the path of e-Governance.