Capacity Building and Knowledge Management, integral to today's e-centric world, constitute one of NISG's four main operational areas. The National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), aimed at improving delivery of public services by creating a citizen-centric and business-centric environment, can be better implemented if focused efforts are made to build capacities and manage knowledge at all levels of government.

About CBKM at NISG

The Department of Information technology, Government of India has entrusted NISG with the task to design and conduct training programs for different audiences group at the State and Central levels. Many States are launching e-Government projects, thus NISG is involved in Capacity Building for effective implementation of the NeGP.
Currently, CBKM team at NISG is involved in promoting e-Governance standards in the country through designing and conducting various training programmes to enable the leaders in the e-Governance domain share their knowledge and spearhead a new set of e-Governance champions in the country, every now and then.
CBKM’s expertise in the core areas of Capacity Building for the political, administrative, institutional and project levels which includes establishing - institutional framework, engaging personnel with required skill sets and experience with the required up gradation of the skills through training.
In addition to that CBKM imparts short term trainings spanning one to five days on e-Governance and related areas for the political level and senior level Policy makers, HOD's of Central Government and State Governments.
Various customized training programs are also designed and conducted in the areas on e-Procurement, BPR, Leadership & Change Management, Knowledge Management etc.

Major training programs under CBKM


Chief Information Officer

The Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) has entrusted NISG with the task of design and conduct the training program titled – “Chief Information Officers’ Training”, exclusively for such officers who are at the implementation level of the e-Gov projects.  
NISG designed and conducted two such batches of specialized training under Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) Training Programme during November – December 2011. The CIO training is aimed to inculcate a deeper understanding of factors that result in failure or success and sustainability of e- Governance projects. The target group comprises the officers who are expected to play a lead role in e-Gov initiatives, right from conceptualizing to implementation and roll-out of a project. The overall goal was to accelerate implementation of e-Governance initiatives in India at all levels of Governments i.e. Central/State/UT(s).
After undergoing this training program, an official is expected to have all the skills necessary to implement an e-governance project from conceptualization to complete rollout stage.

Three broad categories under CIO

e-Governance Leadership Programme (eGLP) : 2 batches
A two week module for Senior level officials from Central and State Government at the level of Jt Secretary (Central Government) and Principal Secretary/Secretary (State Governments).  The eGLP participation is open to all the MMP Departments across the Central and States/UTs.

e-Governance Champions Programme (eGCP): 4 batches
A four week module for Officers involved in project design and implementation (Central & State Governments). The eGCP trainings are aimed for specific identified sectors / MMPs-CCTNS, Immigration, MOIA, Passports, e-Districts, Education, Health, Municipalities, Women & Family Welfare etc.

e-Governance Executive Programme (eGEP): 2 batches
A six week module (split in two phases with a gap of two months) for Officers involved in project implementation (Central & State Governments).  These training are open to all departments.

Other training programmes under CBKM

Below given text of each training programme should come as link with heading of each training programme:

Leadership Meet
To address the orientation needs of the top Political and Policy Level and the State e-Governance Mission Team (SeMT) at the State/UT level, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India has proposed to provide training under the Capacity Building Scheme. NISG responsible for implementing and facilitating the training programs organizes three days Political and Policy level orientation / training named as "LEADERSHIP MEET" in all States/UTs.  
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State e-Governance Mission Team (SeMT)
SeMT is a dedicated body at the State level consisting of full-time experts to provide an overall direction, standardization and consistency through program management of e-Governance initiatives under way in the State Government.

NISG conducted six batches of orientation trainings for newly joined members of SeMT in May 2011 covering 228 SeMT members along with 27 NeGD central team members. The focus of orientation was to familiarize the participants to NeGP, e-Governance ecosystem, important processes & aspects of e-Governance projects and experience sharing of e-Governance projects. Based on the feedback and key observations NISG conducted 3 domain specific workshops on change management, technology management and RFP.

Executive Post Graduate Program in e-Governance (EPGP_EG)
NISG conceptualized a one-year full-time residential Program in e-Governance for Executives. This program is expected to build required manpower that can assume leadership roles in private and government organizations in conceptualizing, designing and implementing e-Governance Projects.
NISG has collaborated with two of the business school viz, T.A.Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore to conduct the above courses.