Title : Army Ordnance Corps (AOC)


Army Ordnance Corps (AOC)

Client Name : Ministry of Defense, Government of India

Client Type : Central Government

Army Ordnance Corps (AOC) is responsible for provisioning, receipt, accounting, warehousing, stocking, issue, conditioning, repair and disposal of all types of Ordnance stores (Armament, Vehicle spares, Electronic equipment, General Stores and Clothing), Vehicles, Aviation stores and Ammunition.

Computerised Inventory Control Project Technical Group (CICP TG) of the Army Ordnance Corps (AOC), Ministry of Defence, has taken up project to automate the inventory management functions of the AOC at select locations spread across the country. The project involves the implementation of an ERP Solution and associated software and infrastructure components along with setting up the Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, and Near Primary DC for AOC.

Army Ordnance Corps (AOC) has engaged National Institute for Smart Government (NISG) to support CICP in selecting the ERP solution and a System Integrator for implementation of the ERP Solution along with setting up the Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, and Near Primary DC for AOC.

The objective of the project is to implement Commercial Off the Shelf ERP solution in AOC in order to establish an on-line multi user system for ordnance echelons from a Central Ordnance Depot (COD) to a forward Divisional Ordnance Unit (DOU) / Brigade Ordnance Units (BOU), for Army Headquarters, intermediary Headquarters in chain and Ministry of Defense, all inter-linked on Wide Area Network. The implemented ERP system will be used for planning and controlling ordnance inventory functioning through a Management Information System (MIS) / Decision Support System (DSS).

NISG has submitted a proposal to AOC in November 2007 for providing consultancy services evaluation of Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP) and Selection of the System Integrator for the implementation of the ERP solution.

After the approval of the proposal by CICP TG and Ministry of Defence, NISG has started the engagement in September 2008 with AOC. During the engagement, NISG was responsible for:

  • Preparation of Project Implementation Strategy (Detailed Project Report)
  • Preparation Expression of Interest (EoI) to pre-qualify System Integrators and assistance to CICP TG during the evaluation of the bids from vendors
  • Preparation of Functional and Technical Specifications that includes
    • Implementation Services Specifications
    • Operations and Maintenance Services Specifications
    • Functional Requirement Specifications
    • Non Functional and Technical Requirements Specifications
    • Data Center Specifications (Civil, Electrical, Physical Infrastructure)
    • IT Infrastructure Specifications
    • Network Infrastructure Specifications
    • Client Side Infrastructure Specifications
    • AS IS Process Maps
  • Preparation of RFP with technical specifications along with
    • Service Levels
    • Payment Terms
    • Technical Evaluation Criteria
    • Commercial Evaluation Criteria
    • Formats for Technical Responses
    • Formats for Commercial Responses
    • Bidding Terms and Conditions
    • Draft Contract
  • Bid Process Management and assistance to CICP TG during the pre-bid clarifications stage technical evaluation of bids
  • Formulation of the Contract with the Selected System Integrator

The two earlier tender processes could not be concluded. The RFP has been recently re-issued to the shortlisted bidders.

Published On : 11th July, 2013